The beautiful Ekaterina Maximova

The beautiful Ekaterina Maximova

I’m needing some help

As you all know, i’m from Brazil,but now i’m living in Lisboa, Portugal, and i’m having some trouble choising new pointe shoes, in Brazil i only used Capezio and Sodanca ones. So, i dont really know anything about Bloch, and i’m seeing them a lot, do you guys know how good they are,and how they work?

Please, i’m really lost about it,if any of my followers in Europe, ou even outside could help, i would be really thankfull. 

Horrobles news from the ballet world.

The Bolshoi director.Sergei Filin, was brutally attacked last week.

News in the ballet world

New fiction novel by Carlos Acosta, amazing cuban dancer.

So, reading dancing followers, exciting to read? 

Does anyone knows how much cost a Gaynor Minden pointe in Portugual or Spain????
I’m going there in a few months, and i really would love to buy one.
Does any of my adorable followers know or have any ideia of the price?