Have you ever had bad days in the ballet class, when your teacher keeps pushing you, but you dont think you can, and when the class ends, you feel like the biggest failure in the word?

Today was my ballet class in Bolshoi Brazil while they are in the town.

God, everything hurts now, but the class was great, i mean, really difficult, but i learned lots things, and very important tips, but what i think it was  really amazing was the fact they push me, to do in the best way, and the surprising thing that i did, i did everything okay, even the things i thought i would not.

But anyway, it was just……..

PS. My teacher was an solist from Bolshoi Brazil.He was soo gorgeus.I mean really, he was the most handsome dancer i’ve ever met.

Do you already had days when you are so tired, all your mucles are in pain, and you remember that you have thousands of things to do in the next day.


And you are like: How am i suppose to handle this?