The beautiful Ekaterina Maximova

The beautiful Ekaterina Maximova

News in the ballet world

New fiction novel by Carlos Acosta, amazing cuban dancer.

So, reading dancing followers, exciting to read? 

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Yesterday, was the opening night of Chicago, my musical.

It was like one the hardest nights of my life.I dont present on a theater about a year or so, and it was my first time singing, and i was actually doing a very hard solo.

I have less than a minute to change my entire clothing and my hair, and then get on the stage, and again with the blonde wig.I couldnt test my headset, the microphone, so the guy who shares the headset with me, test and said it was okay.But when i sang to the whole public, it kept failing,and some times just didnt work, it was very very difficult to sing like that.And, to make everything better i forgot my lyrics,well, actually were just two lines of the song that i didnt  remermber, but there wasnt any akward silences, i just jumped a few lines,and kept singing and the band followed me, so nobody noticed.

And in the end of the musical, they were judges who said to us what they thought of the musical.Also known as the scariest moment of my life.They said it was pity our singing headset( mine and the guy who plays Amos Hart) werent working properly, but it was only tecnical fault which they should ignore in the judgement of the whole musical, and they like very much, surprised such young cast could do such adult musical.

The judge told me that i did a pretty good job in the stage, and i reminded him to an old beautiful actress( note to self: research about her).

And it is first play, where i act, dance, and sing, wich takes everything to a new level.But in the end, everything kind of worked, and i learnd lots of things about theater, musicals,singing.So i’m really glad i could make part of it.So in the next week i will be presenting again( and this time, i will test my singing headset, and make sure it works properly).

Today was my ballet class in Bolshoi Brazil while they are in the town.

God, everything hurts now, but the class was great, i mean, really difficult, but i learned lots things, and very important tips, but what i think it was  really amazing was the fact they push me, to do in the best way, and the surprising thing that i did, i did everything okay, even the things i thought i would not.

But anyway, it was just……..

PS. My teacher was an solist from Bolshoi Brazil.He was soo gorgeus.I mean really, he was the most handsome dancer i’ve ever met.

Today i finished my Dance course,It was totally awesome!!!!I had class of Modern Jazz, and Musical.

Guys…. the coreography of the Musical class was…Amazing!!!Broadway style!!! 

During the classes:

But after:


So…Thats my new pointe, Toshie, i will experiment it next week.Any tips or advice?