paige-likes-coffee-deactivated2 said: I really, really want to move up a level in ballet class. I just started this year, and I'm one of the oldest in my class (It's for ages 10-12 and I'm 13) and I really want to move up by the end of the year, and maybe go en pointe in a couple years. Any tips?

Practice, ballet doesnt come easily, more you practice, better for you.
It may sound stupid but the things you have to worry now are the basis,now is the time to work your en dors, and pliés, they may look an-important at the begining, but with the time you will reliase the importance of them.Dont get obssesed with the biggest, the adagios, or grand battement, when you are doing them, focus in your en dors, your posture.

And about the age thing, i already dance with youngest girls before, and that doesnt say anything about your dance, capacity, or ability, some 11 years old girls dance like professionals, and some not.So believe me when i say, the only person who measure your capacity is you, not the one that dances with you.

 A big, important, stretching tip : Stretch yourself everyday, maybe 10, 20, 30 minutes a day, and with time, you will see the difference, just dont give up if you cant see any progress in the beginning.
 In the adagios, keep the posture, like there’s something pulling you up,  for the left and  for the right,equally, will make it easier, and help in the balance in centre.

And always, always, follow your teacher advices, she’s is the one who’s helping you in everything after all.And remeber, you cant jump anything properly without a good pliés work.You cant do good moves without a good en dors work.
So good luck, and i hope i helped. 

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